Men Only Monthly - December Round OPEN!

Men Only Monthly is OPEN from December 20th - January 15th! Guest Designers: AMERICAN BAZAAR, Elysium, Frais and INVICTUS Full list of participating designers can be found HERE. A gallery of available items will be listed on SERAPHIM! Location: Stay Connected with Men Only! Group: secondlife:///app/group/7f60c53b-ab9b-072b-b577-45288557083f/about Flickr: FB Group: Blog: #menonly #shopping #malefashion #meshbody #male #event #fashion #accessories #sl #men #secondlife #ffe #flairforevents #clothe

Whore Couture Fair 7 - Applications OPEN!

Flair for Events presents its 7th edition of Whore Couture Fair, coming to you in March 2017. Explore your sensual seductive side and indulge your fantasies in style; with everything from sexy lingerie to risque poses you are bound to find something to please the whore in you with WCF! Sponsors for the event are: Asteria, BF Clothing & Accessories, CandyDoll, Cynful Clothing & Co, Empire, Insanya, L'Etre, Le Forme, Muka, Phedora, Runaway Hair Salon and Salt & Pepper Designer and blogger applications are now open through January 15th and the event will run from March 1st to 31st, 2017. Please read the rules before submitting your application! Stay Connected with Whore Couture! Group: secondli

anyBODY in December!

anyBODY's newest round is NOW OPEN! Guests this round are Frais and Suicidal Unborn! Complete listing of all participating stores is HERE! Seraphim Gallery with all the goodies will be posted HERE! Your ride is waiting....... Stay Connected with anyBODY! Group: secondlife:///app/group/f5861c8a-c775-c730-4744-cef9aba158e6/about Flickr: FB Page: Blog: SLurl: #woman #meshbody #applier #events #event #secondlife #shopping #flairforevents #clothes #fashion #sl #ffe #accesso

The Women Only Hunt 2 Has Begun!

Flair For Events introduces its 2nd quality hunt for women ONLY in December 2016. This new venture from FFE is dedicated to bringing the women of Second Life a fun, fresh and fashionable take on the hunting scene! The Women Only Hunt will run from Dec 3rd - Dec 24th and you're looking for a snowflake hidden inside each participating store. This is a HUD based hunt! The HUD has all the information you need to quickly move through the participating stores. Click the button to get the hint in your local chat and a pop-up map showing you where to go. Easy! Pick up the HUD at the Flair For Events office or join the in-world group (secondlife:///app/group/d7f78bf9-bac4-a9a9-6332-c018089c2a6c/about

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Group: secondlife:///app/group/349c458d-c5e8-9384-a8a3-80bf5cf8074a/about

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