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MOM October - Open now

Men Only Monthly is OPEN from October 20th - November 15th

Bring a touch of style to your life with Men Only

Located within the Men Only District, MOM offers 50 quality, original exclusives from some of the hottest male brands on the grid.

October Round Sponsored by: Chuck Size, Hilted, Process Of Elimination, Rebellion, Sparrow

and featuring: A&D, Addicted To Ink, Aitui, Ama, Amias, Astara, Birth, Cado, Cheerno, Ckey PosesClever Language, Codex, Crystal Store, Deep Static, Eliya.K, Fe Style, EthamExalteD, Gild, Gloom, Gutchi, Hypnotik, Idtty, K&S, Kokoro Poses, Letis TattooLetituier, MG Men's, Millo Copperfield, MxHades, Navajo, Noir, N0 Match,Red GirlRemezzo, Savage, theMARS, Taur Shapes, This Is Wrong, Tivoli Inc, TriangleUrbaniX Haus, Varsity, Vegas Tattoo, Wrong

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