Women Only Hunt

Look for me!

AMERICAN BAZAAR  - Lets go buy some beachwear!

Ema's Secret  - I love group gift

CRYSTAL STORE  - Problem with purchase? We can resend it to you!

Unnie  - Get comfy for shopping!

London Girl  - I can see Suri from high above the Mystic

Short Leash  - When Owner is away, a colorful kitten is ready to play.

QUEENZ Golden Trees

Sass  - The sun shines high up on the wall where bloggers are displayed.

GO Makeup  - Let's do the makeup?

*PosESioN*.  - Spring is my favorite season in Spain

Madame Noir  - Where I am hidden.. I am totally alone.

Vanilla Bae  - Take a load off!

Mangue.  - Hang on me.


SVP  - It can be hot or cold.

Have Unequal  - Find the Blue Glow in Gacha Room.

No Cabide  - Welcome!

Pink Charcoal  - Come to take a coffee.

.::WoW Skins::.  - Hiding on the corner

ChicChica  - Drink some juice

Mister Razzor  - I love stuffed toys, toys, dolls, I'm a collector. Can you find me?

:: ANTAYA ::  - Mermaids will point you to the sun.

Epoch  - Step by step, Up Up Up.

[Since1975]  - Stay safe

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...  - Walk to your right, there are pink palm leaves everywhere!

Midna  - ♫ I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine ♪

Ariskea  - Cactus Soleil

Ramen ラーメン  - The object that hides the sun from this hunt is an object that hides the sun from us in life.

Lyrical B!zarre Templates  - The sun shines brighter in Cyprus!

[ILAYA]  - All with heart

~Nerido~  - Like in a reliable bank

DM  - What a beautiful vase

RAMA.SALON  - Look somewhere in the center

#Mewsery  - Pretty in pink, sitting on him

-XTC-  - Down through the Subway The dragons and unicorns hold the Magic key

MooLoo Body Art  - Come visit my "pad"

kokoro  - Let's go to the beach!

MICHAN  - Beach waves, volumizing mascara and glowy sun-kissed skin are summer essentials.

Holli Pocket  - The filling will make you smile

.:: StunnerOriginals ::.  - Climb the first step with faith.

Birth  - TreeBeard

7 Deadly s[K]ins  - One day i'll fly away!

Avada  - Caribbean queen, Now we're sharing the same dream. And our hearts they beat as one. No more love on the run.

Inner Demons  - Search high and low, some place inconspiguous, nowhere typigal.

Endless Pain Tattoos  - All these colors

DATUM  - Soft kitty, warm kitty...

SAPA poses  - I shine high and bright

Go&See  - Security knows it

Le Poppycock  - I heard that plants eat sun and poop air.

TAOX TATTOO  - Hey girls, find Yo, he's a man who can tattoo your back ...

Ohemo  - When u thirsty, what would u drink ;)

LSR Originals  - The Summer of Love

Little K  - Look for me where you can find an eclipse

GERMINAL  - I like to spend my days with my furry friend, even if he's always sleepy..

Scandalize  - Behind the most striking part of the store.

Kawaii Couture  - Summer fun is a splash!

THIS IS WRONG  - Culture is power!

candy crunchers  - Feeling lazy, lets take a cat nap.

poema  - I love the smell of flowers

Crowded Room  - It brightens up the room!

BellePoses  - G of gacha

NOAM  - She loves the sun.

.::IDK::. Poses  - I love gacha

NinaX  - Aurora knows best

1Hundred  - Where two swans meet your hunt gift you will see!

UNICORN1 Sit with me and have a tea

Empowered  - Waiting for you where people go up and down

AlterEgo  - All Tea, No Shade

DollFactory  - How does my skin look in this lighting?

Paper Crowns  - Who turned out the lights?

Entice  - Find the sun beneath a starry sky, "Seduction" lingerie is nearby.

Rainbow Sundae  - Up high

SEKA  - Shhh... I'm hiding..

.E l e i.  -  Let's take a Ride with a Sunflower.

Rubedo  - Oh look! A group gift!

Le Fashion Whore  - You wear these at the beach

lepunk  - Right side on the wall

Remezzo  - Step and step and step you go, with every step logo you will reach

Meshmafia  - The event section will assist you.

Black Swan  - “Magic, Mirror, on the wall- who is the fairest one of all?”

Umami Shop  - A sign that says "it sure is wavy"

Ebano Poses  - It gives us light when there is no sun

Boutique #187  - I'm afraid the TRex ate it, sorry !!

{ dollle* }  - Girls love to be in their boyfriend's shirt.

PHARGO  - Checkout

Avila  - Under the white dainty flower light

Insanya  - Ask Nayana, she knows the way.

Rebellious Rose  - Ready for a snack? Perhaps a glass of Tea? Need a plate for that Bagel?

Junk Food  - Money is the key

Red Girl  - Take a sit and enjoy the store

Vague  - Lets get fitted !!

Razor///  - I cannot de "Cypher" the clue!​

Enamore  - Waiting for you by the closed door​

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